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Delete Mapping To Ontology Source Suggested Ontology for Pharmacogenomics LOOM Viral Disease Ontology Trunk LOOM Ontology of Adverse Events LOOM Epilepsy and Seizure Ontology LOOM Semantic DICOM Ontology LOOM Radiation Oncology Ontology LOOM Ontology of Alternative Medicine, French LOOM SNOMED Terminos Clinicos CUI EmpowerBP LOOM Data harmonization ontology for cross border malaria surveillance LOOM Diabetes Mellitus Treatment Ontology LOOM Magnetic Resonance Dataset Acquisition Ontology LOOM Mental State Assessment LOOM Medical image simulation LOOM Nurse triage LOOM PatientSafetyOntology LOOM HL7 FHIR and SSN ontology based Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Ontology LOOM Diabetes Mellitus Diagnosis Ontology LOOM core and all extension vocabularies LOOM Health Level Seven Reference Implementation Model, Version 3 LOOM Medical Subject Headings CUI Read Clinical Terminology Version 2 LOOM Ontology of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, all modules LOOM Ontology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, social module LOOM Malaria Ontology LOOM Dengue Fever Ontology LOOM Thesaurus Biomedical Francais/Anglais [French translation of MeSH] CUI KB_Bio_101 LOOM FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) Topical Facet LOOM Neomark Oral Cancer Ontology, version 3 LOOM Computer Assisted Brain Injury Rehabilitation Ontology LOOM Health Level Seven Reference Implementation Model, Version 3 CUI Health Level Seven Reference Implementation Model, Version 3 LOOM Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation LOOM Situation-Based Access Control Ontology LOOM Galen Ontology LOOM Ontology of Pneumology LOOM Emergency care ontology LOOM Orthology Ontology LOOM Biological Observation Matrix Ontology LOOM Semanticscience Integrated Ontology LOOM Breast Cancer Grading Ontology LOOM National Cancer Institute Thesaurus LOOM Radiomics Ontology LOOM Radiation Oncology Ontology LOOM Radiology Lexicon LOOM Cancer Research and Management ACGT Master Ontology LOOM MyOntoServiceFull_FallDetection LOOM Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis Ontology LOOM Medical Error Ontology LOOM Computer-Based Patient Record Ontology LOOM Sleep Domain Ontology LOOM The Drug-Drug Interactions Ontology LOOM SNOMED CT CUI SNOMED CT LOOM Dispedia Core Ontology LOOM
http://bioportal/ HIVOntologymain.owl LOOM DICOM Controlled Terminology LOOM Interlinking Ontology for Biological Concepts LOOM Nurse Transitional LOOM Nurse Surgical LOOM Nurse Administrator LOOM Children's Health Exposure Analysis Resource LOOM suicideonto LOOM Adverse Event Reporting Ontology LOOM
http://www.ICPS/ontologies/Person#Patient International Classification for Patient Safety LOOM International Classification for Nursing Practice LOOM