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SNOMED Clinical Terms 13,601
National Drug File 9,320
MedDRA 4,254
International Classification of Diseases 3,415
NCI Thesaurus 1,528
Ontologies 373
Classes 5,927,844
Resources Indexed 48
Indexed Records 15,377,807
Direct Annotations 4,207,585,844
Direct Plus Expanded Annotations 41,361,390,867
Latest Notes
Wet Mass (Santa Barbara Coastal Observation Ontology)
16 days ago by leinfelder

This could be considered Wet Weight as well.  

test (Chemical Entities of Biological Interest Ontology)
27 days ago by steschu

test by stefan to see whether bioportal notes arrive  

New Term Proposal-JzXVqSUMoQCQc (Radiology Lexicon)
6 months ago by rboden
New Term Proposal-OqPnBnZbfGppdoi (Radiology Lexicon)
6 months ago by rboden
New Term Proposal-lttxKIyGottfkuQ (Radiology Lexicon)
6 months ago by rboden
Latest Mappings
Gene (NCIT) <=> gene (TESTONTO)
REST Mapping 04/04/2014 by willy
heatmap (AERO) <=> Concept (TESTONTO)
REST Mapping 03/27/2014 by fergerson
Mixed ductal and lobular carcinoma of breast (SNOMEDCT) <=> Abnormal Cell (NCIT)
REST Mapping 03/05/2014 by catpes
synaptic dysfunctioning (ADO) <=> amyloid beta protein (ADO)
REST Mapping 12/26/2013 by dnjswns1988