Description: eSysbio is a project for developing an online workbench for collaborative computational biology research. It provides a secure Web-based workspace where researchers can analyse and share their data. It is available in pre-alpha version.The aims of eSysbio are:1. To enable efficient interdisciplinary life science research2. To ease analysis of complex biological data3. To allow efficient use of public data and analysis tools4. To automatically document in silico experiments for reproducible science For the analyses of their data, users of eSysbio can use any external tools that have an interoperable SOAP Web service interface. In addition, users can use their custom R scripts, or those shared with other users. It allows complex analyses by composing Web services and R scripts into custom workflows.eSysbio focusses on making collaborations smooth: the strong side of eSysbio is the functionality for sharing data, tools, script, and workflows within custom groups of users.

Institution: University of Bergen

Contacts: Kidane Tekle, Hakon Sagehaug, Matus Kalas, Siv Midtun Hollup, Michael Dondrup, Anne-Kristin Stavrum, Pawel Sztromwasser, Armin Topfer, Kjell Petersen, Inge Jonassen, Pal Puntervoll

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