Description: PractiKPharma (Practice-based evidences for actioning Knowledge in Pharmacogenomics) aims at validating, or moderating, PGx state-of-the-art (SOTA) knowledge on the basis of practice-based evidences, i.e., knowledge extracted from EHRs. Units of knowledge in PGx typically have the form of ternary relationships gene variant–drug–adverse event, and can be formalized to different extents using biomedical ontologies. To reach this goal, the PractiKPharma consortium proposes to focus on four objectives: (1) to extract SOTA knowledge from PGx databases and literature, (2) to extract observational knowledge (i.e., knowledge extracted from observational data) from EHRs, (3) to compare knowledge units extracted from these two origins, to confirm or moderate SOTA knowledge, with the goal of enabling personalized medicine. (4) Finally, to emphasize newly confirmed knowledge, omics databases will be investigated for molecular mechanisms that underlie and explain drug adverse events. This investigation will use and contribute to the biomedical Linked Open Data.

Institution: LORIA, HEGP, CHU-St Etienne, LIRMM

Contacts: Adrien Coulet (last name at loria dot fr) and collaborators

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