Description: Microarrays are at the center of a revolution in biotechnology, allowing researchers to screen tens of thousands of genes simultaneously. Typically, they have been used in exploratory research to help formulate hypotheses. In most cases, this phase is followed by a more focused, hypothesis driven stage in which certain specific biological processes and pathways are thought to be involved. Since a single biological process can still involve hundreds of genes, microarrays are still the preferred approach as proven by the availability of focused arrays from several manufacturers. Since focused arrays from different manufacturers use different sets of genes, each array will represent any given regulatory pathway to a different extent. We argue that a functional analysis of the arrays available should be the most important criterion used in the array selection. We developed Onto-Compare as a database that can provide this functionality, based on the GO nomenclature.

Institution: Wayne State University


Home Page: http://vortex.cs.wayne.edu/projects.htm#Onto-Compare

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