A Visualization Tool for Refining Mappings between Biomedical Ontologies

Description: Ontology alignment, the task of identifying mappings between ontologies, is a key task for knowledge sharing between applications that use different ontologies. Manual alignment is time-consuming and difficult when dealing with large ontologies, which are common in biomedical domain, while automatic alignment shows low coverage. We present a tool with user-friendly GUI for semi-automatic ontology alignment, called NViz. It helps human experts focus on pairs of ontology clusters that are likely to have missing mappings. NViz utilizes a state of-the-art system of ontology alignment, called BOAT, and a hierarchical clustering method.

Institution: Nanyang Technological University

Contacts: Watson W.K. Chua, Jung-jae Kim, Bui Duc Hieu

Home Page: http://nlp.sce.ntu.edu.sg/wiki/projects/nviz/NViz.html

Ontologies Used