Human Protein Ontology

Description: This project aims at developing a protein ontology of human proteins for different semantic queries. Proteins are categorized based on their molecular function, involvement in biological or physiological processes as per GO terms and other public sources and to disease associations. Proteins are mapped to their splice variants, orthologs and paralogs. Mapping isoforms of family proteins and components of a functional complex are also addressed. Disease associations are mapped to DOID terms and splice variants to PRO ontology terms. The ontology is built in Protg OWL and allows querying for molecules by any of the above mentioned categories. About 500 proteins of different functions will be annotated as a sample set in this phase of the project.

Institution: Molecular Connections Pvt. Ltd

Contacts: Arathi Raghunath, Bharat Bhat, Jignesh Bhate, Usha Mahadevan

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