Description: RDF version of the DisGeNET database, which is a database that integrates gene-disease associations from several public, expert, curated data sources (CTD, Uniprot, ClinVar), predictions from animal model databases, and text mining derived associations. DisGeNET-RDF is an alternative way to access the DisGeNET data and provides new opportunities for data integration, querying and integrating DisGeNET data to other external RDF datasets. The RDF version of DisGeNET has been developed in the context of the Open PHACTS project to provide disease relevant information to the knowledge base on pharmacological data.

Institution: GRIB-IMIM-UPF

Contacts: Laura I. Furlong (lfurlong@imim.es), Núria Queralt-Rosinach (nqueralt@imim.es)

Home Page: http://rdf.disgenet.org

Ontologies Used