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Delete Mapping To Ontology Source RxNORM CUI RxNORM LOOM Physician Data Query CUI Physician Data Query LOOM SNOMED Terminos Clinicos CUI SNOMED CT CUI SNOMED CT CUI Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine, International Version CUI SNOMED Terminos Clinicos CUI Medical Subject Headings CUI Medical Subject Headings LOOM Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects Thesaurus CUI The Drug Ontology LOOM SNOMED CT CUI National Cancer Institute Thesaurus LOOM Robert Hoehndorf Version of MeSH LOOM BioModels Ontology LOOM Ontology of Chinese Medicine for Rheumatism LOOM Cell Culture Ontology LOOM Neuro Behavior Ontology LOOM Experimental Factor Ontology LOOM Drug Interaction and Evidence Ontology LOOM Human Interaction Network Ontology LOOM Chemical Entities of Biological Interest Ontology LOOM SNOMED Terminos Clinicos CUI National Drug Data File CUI National Drug Data File LOOM