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Delete Mapping To Ontology Source Material LOOM Material Organic Compound LOOM Material Compound LOOM Material Mineral LOOM Material Rock LOOM Chemical Process LOOM Material Element LOOM Material Rock Igneouus LOOM Material Natural Resource LOOM Systems Biology Ontology LOOM Malaria Ontology LOOM Dengue Fever Ontology LOOM The Ecosystem Ontology LOOM Metagenome and Microbes Environmental Ontology LOOM National Cancer Institute Thesaurus LOOM SNOMED Terminos Clinicos CUI REPRODUCE-ME LOOM Semantic Web for Earth and Environment Technology Ontology LOOM Pharmacogenomic Relationships Ontology LOOM Children's Health Exposure Analysis Resource LOOM GenEpiO LOOM Environment Ontology LOOM SNOMED CT CUI SNOMED CT LOOM