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Delete Mapping To Ontology Source National Cancer Institute Thesaurus LOOM Interlinking Ontology for Biological Concepts LOOM Immunogenetics Ontology LOOM BioAssay Ontology LOOM Medical Subject Headings CUI
http://bioportal/ HIVOntologymain.owl LOOM Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects Thesaurus CUI Thesaurus Biomedical Francais/Anglais [French translation of MeSH] CUI Sequence Types and Features Ontology LOOM Orthology Ontology LOOM Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) Standard Ontology LOOM KB_Bio_101 LOOM SNOMED Terminos Clinicos CUI SNOMED CT CUI Ontology of Nuclear Toxicity LOOM National Drug File - Reference Terminology CUI Cell Culture Ontology LOOM Experimental Factor Ontology LOOM Experimental Factor Ontology LOOM Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine, International Version CUI